Research interests

Stanka Drnovšek was born on 24 December 1966 in Ljubljana. In 1993 she graduated in geography and ethnology from Ljubljana's Faculty of Arts. Since autumn 1995 she has been working as a Humanities Fellow at the ISE.

She has taken part in the project "Multimedia Presentation of Velika Planina (Life, Work, and Culture of Shepherds, on CD)" and in research on costumes in Slovenia (the carnivals in Litija and Cerknica). She is head of the ISE Documentation Department.

Current projects

setting up a visual collection of cultural heritage and digital databases of the institute’s visual material. She is a post-graduate student in the protection of natural heritage program at Ljubljana's Biotechnical Faculty.

Research interests

natural and cultural heritage, electronic data collections, archiving, visual material, photo library, slide library, video library, multimedia, seasonal customs, carnivals.


naravna in kulturna dediščina • računalniške podatkovne zbirke • dokumentalistika • arhiviranje slikovnega materiala • fototeka • diateka • videoteka • večpredstavnost • letne šege • maskiranje • karnevali